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Fear Garden Virtual Diva Helly Kitty Minigun Ita Toys Vampire Autopsy

Sozai, Graphics, Resources, etc.

always on the hunt for lovely and gothic web assets...

Neohimeism Bonnibel's Graphic Collection ASTERISM LameTea Sweety | create blinkies with custom text!

Miscellaneous Sites

fun sites!

Nuange Bizarre Dollhouse Nef Cinni's Home

utaformix - a universal converter for vsynth programs
dr cos - a site full of free, high quality sewing patterns for cosplay and fashion
thirty dollar website - a fun website for making music with various audio bits
layoutit - helpful website for making css grid mockups
zenmarket - my fav jp proxy - draw with friends c: - watch vids with friends


fanlistings i've applied or been accepted to...


obligatory stamp collection

stamps made by me! (f2u wherever C:)

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