my art!!
marroncream and meiko a dream collaboration ...,,, (2022)
idol meiko idol meiko from the 39culture 2022 pop up shop! (2022)
nightcord meiko meiko as she appears in the group 'nightcord at 25:00' from project sekai! (2022)
a retro shoujo styled meiko i was messing around with a retro anime style ... (2021)
meiko in an pretty red dress i just wanted to draw a cute dress lol (2022)
mushroom themed meiko meishroom design i made myself!!! (2021)
mushroom themed meiko with friends meishroom with some friends :] (2021)
lorelei meiko i love this module so much... it's so pretty... (2021)
strawberry witch meiko my favourite meiko module ... i'd give an arm and a leg for a figure of this ... (2019)

please click to enlarge, and open in a new tab for full quality! please do not repost these anywhere online... :,D
i never really draw meiko in a single style but i think that's the wonderful thing about vocaloid, they can be whatever you want them to be or suit whatever style you feel like!! cool stuff... also i just don't have a consistent style lol

messed up little meiko plush
plush meiko fouund dead miss meiko are you ok
indecent plush meiko look away she's indecent

indecent plush meiko ready to watch meikopia :]
indecent plush meiko ???????????????????????????????????????

she's... a work in progress ... she's currently wearing some clothes i stole from my old lalaloopsies which surprisingly fit her perfectly ... imagine that ... my strange little lady who has every disease but i love her

i haven't got good pics so ill update this later

i only have her prize fig and a little blind box mini but someday i'll have a cool meiko collection lol...