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Player: argoxi
Level: orange
Since: 24/11/22

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Activity Log

** dates based on aest timezone!
☾ 06/12/22 ;
- Mastered 14thmoon!!!! <3 Received better13, sparrow01, foryou13, *1 purple crayon. - Received better08, better09, 14thmoon15, better10, ignihyde01, better11, underdome18, 14thmoon16, ignihyde02, 14thmoon18, 14thmoon19 from Little Spell Academia 238 - Received underdome16, underdome17 from Release 151. - Received evilmonk01, evilmonk02, evilmonk03 from Advent Calendar 5. - Received 14thmoon12, 14thmoon13, 14thmoon14 from Advent Calendar 3. - Received better03, better06, better07 from Advent Calendar 1. ☾ 01/12/22 ;
- Received ozeki19 from @citoyenne as a gift. - Traded enkephalin06 to @needles for underdome03.
☾ 30/11/22 ;
- Levelled up to Orange, Received 14thmoon11, otomeroad12, heartbuns01, *1 green crayon.
- Received memorized11, henshin02, ozeki18, zanarkand19, mattsun12 from Most Wanted 41.
- Traded enjoysummer13 to @byakkun for underdome02.
- Received enjoysummer13 from Release 151.
- Traded tabarzin15 to @larecrow for underdome04.
- Received feminist15, agna13, musclefight15, 14thmoon02, 14thmoon03, 14thmoon04, passion15, permafrost20, doubts16, 14thmoon06, easyr14 from Little Spell Academia 237.
- Received controller08, enkephalin06, tabarzin15 from Release 151.
- Received rpgmaker08, gaming10, stera17, papermoon04, plasma12, worm10, meatbun11, erhu06, homeec17, serious11, insect03, fangs05 from Music Station 293.
☾ 29/11/22 ;
- Traded pit12, clings02 to @hyoga for underdome01, better05.
- Received pit12 from Release 151.
- Received curaga19, pixiedust06, underdome15 from Release 151.
- Traded spinea08 to @byakkun for evilmonk18. Received better04, better16, oneandtwo05 as a gift from @byakkun.
☾ 27/11/22 ;
- Traded selfiestick16 to @sangonomiyas for 14thmoon17. Gifted alatus10 to @sangonomiyas.
☾ 26/11/22 ;
- Traded baboo03, skullbrooch06 to @phibby for 14thmoon07, 14thmoon09
☾ 25/11/22 ;
- Received woe02, 14thmoon01, better01, evilmonk13, ignihyde20, mcmb05, shoujomanga08, peer08 from Little Spell Academia 236
- Traded burnish06 to @tophatcats for better02. Received woe08 from @tophatcats as a gift.
☾ 24/11/22 ;
- Received peer11, bowties17, napgus19, baboo03, postoffice17, clings02, secretrooms05, rev10, pochette14, thesea20, artists03, glassgame08, selfiestick16, courtesan19, softspoken17, bloodyfesta06, teehee03, sakusaku02, ancients01, auction01, eikons08, shoujomanga17, iceheart05, yaiba07, loneliest09, suinosato01, munnypouch02, zombies01, burnish06, minions02, skullbrooch06, horizons06, board01, gingerbread16, bookseller04, veteran01, cauldrons10, mcmb11, 14thmoon05, kanda20, alatus10, bedsheet17, spinea08, silentboy03, bluecorp04, shimonnu04, writers16, beards07, constellation07, ofthesea17, earthelmt11, snowynight06, otakus07, harus14, ignihyde14, witches20, goths07, natsus20, onceupon06, coarse02, dotdotdot01 from Release 150
- Traded waterpistol20 to @koinuko_colors for anti-hero04. Received mononoke17 from @koinuko_colors as a gift.
- Received 14thmoon08, better12, evilmonk19, mcmb03, ozeki01 from @aratakis as a gift
- Received achoo14, masquerade09 from Starter Pack
- Received 14thmoon20, 14thmoon10, seth04, bk-20110, clergy19, numberone11, waterpistol20, elmeth12 from Starter Pack