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Kanjou Shiki -Mind Contact-

Kanjou Shiki -Mind Contact- (感情指揮-マインド・コンタクト-) is a mini album released in 2006 by Modern Suite. It's listed on VK.GY here.
The first song I ever heard from this album (and modern suite in general) was aishuu dramatic, via a random youtube upload that someone had reposted to a forum thread that I stumbled across a few years ago. I really liked it, so I immediately went searching for other uploads of their songs and was only able to find 36.5°C, which I also loved a lot.
I was kinda bummed at the time that I wasn't able to hear the rest of their discography since I liked the few songs I could find. It was only a month or two ago that I decided to try and find a few albums secondhand now that I'm much more comfortable with using proxies and shopping from secondhand jp sites. Luckily, they were fairly cheap! And it was super worth it anyways; I've ended up liking the whole album and I'm happy to have it in my collection.
My favourites from this album are Koukyou Serenade, Souutsu Kyousoukyoku and Aishuu Dramatic. But I recommend all of them! I'm sorry the rips are so poor quality... :c