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welcome to my personal site! my love letter to all of the things i adore. coded with love, from 2022-present.

named after Argo╬żOrchestra; a fictional band from hypnosis mic. because i Really Like Jyushi Aimono.


  • fav colour: red
  • fav song: ame furu hakoniwa - electrocutica
  • fav chara: jyushi aimono
  • fav mushrooms: ghost fungi, porcelain fungi
  • fav meal: sweet & sour chicken
  • fav drink: milk (any kind)
  • hobbies: art, coding

this site begun as an aimless experiment in learning html/css and has evolved into one of my most enjoyed hobbies! i don't have any big goals with it, other than sharing the things i like and learning how to code a functioning site.